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We are just a group of nurses who are unable to face competition in their own country!


We decided to reached Saudi Arabia with big dreams. I came here together with friends who unable to survive in the past. I have a story about sadness, care with communities that I lived and some friends survived with salary that I can not explain more. Sad. 


Sadness is not the end of our story. We support each other that life must go on. I believe what Allah SWT says in the Qur’an, there is simplicity after trouble. We are a group of nurses, who always write our experiences and trips on social media and share to others. It called a story and our achievements not only be used as motivation but also spirit in the future.


Our fate was not as beautiful, what we have writing about our skills are not as good as what we have done. The house flat where we live is not as beautiful as the house bird's, our dining flat there are no family photos, no relatives after work enjoying a meal at the table, there is no buzzing sound of worshiping in congregation with family and colleagues, nothing else!


Everything is completely independent, there is no hand help to lighten our work when we are down.! Their prayers that make us capable, strong and sincere in living life. we will always lie with the family, when we are asked what you have done?! "our answer is one, that we are always healthy in Saudi"!


We are a group of nurses who prioritize the health of another country, namely Saudi. Not the country itself. We are the ones who provide nursing care in Saudi. We are the ones who uphold the work ethic in this country. We are nurses who every month wrestle with the provisions and regulations of the Saudi Ministry of Health. We live up to every provision and punishment from every agency.!


We are Diaspora of nurses, which is every year got vaccines for free. Our health is the largest capital to provide Nursing Care. Health is a demand that we must fulfill by the agencies. Our work is appreciated, our efforts are considered, without any frills, having to serve the country for many years. Our salary is not much until it is zero behind the numbers. There is no side job, after working at an agency, then going home to a business or filling a seminar and sharing knowledge.


All of our actions are according to the doctor's order. Control between the nurse and the doctor. We are not lackeys or subordinates or unable to provide medicine for the sick, but we seek safety and always remember this is Saudi. We work from 8 to 12 hours every day. There is additional over time If you like with 2 days off every week.


Do not imagine as Saudi nurses, all free from sight and clothing, wandering outside the house, wearing tops, loose hair, short pants for men, minimal clothing for women, showing curves and curves, wearing a hijab but tights, sharp like a pencil and wear mosquito.! Want to see, thighs walk, just hang out in the fried sewer in front of the house while you are sure to make lots of thighs milling about! There is shariah law that we must follow in our life.

We are a group of nurses who obey what we carry and we are responsible for. Our career journey is not as smooth as the journey of nurses in their own country. Always peace is tired of disappearing, when you see a sweet smile: Mother, Father, Brother, Brother, Child and our soul mate, namely the wife or husband!

When day off came, we visit Indonesian shop or go to the beach, garden zoo, hiking to desert with motorcycle. And the best thing that we find in Saudi is opportunity to fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam, namely HAJJ. We will definitely get.!

We did not eat Indonesia food every day. It is not as easy as those nurses who are independent and well established in their own country. Those who are free every day enjoying Indonesian food like Gereh Petek, Pecel, Nasi Padang, bacem tofu, Angkringan, roasted duck, soup, chicken noodles, fried rice, vegetable ointment, cassava leaf foreskin, rendang jengkol and Fried Pete!

Do not dream that Saudi nurses will be able to change their perspective, who are currently experiencing uncertainty. Because they did not get a job, which was in accordance with the knowledge gained during college. Do not dream of Saudi nurses becoming an inspiration for our young nurses in this country. Beta! Which presents the most successful sweet and independent journey in Saudi.! Do not dream of Saudi nurses, when they come home they will become the most successful nurses in the Earth.

I hope this short story can inspired others nurses to have brave and struggle to realize their dream. We have to look at another opportunity if we feel stuck or give up. In the end of this article I would like to say that nurses are the heart of life if they are able to find the good thing for their life.


Best Regards,

Ahamd Irfhankhan Hamim Sutopo


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