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We are just a group of nurses who are unable to face competition in their own country!   W e decided to reached Saudi Arabia with big dreams . I came here together with friends who unable to survive in the past. I have a story about sadness, care with communities that I lived and some friends survived with salary that I can not explain more. Sad.     Sadness is not the end of our story. We support each other that life must go on. I believe what Allah SWT says in the Qur’an, there is simplicity after trouble. We are a group of nurses, who always write our experiences and trips on social media and share to others. It called a story and our achievements not only be used as motivation but also spirit in the future.   Our fate was not as beautiful, what we have writ ing about our skills are not as good as what we have done. T he house flat where we live is not as beautiful as the house bird's , our dining flat there are no family photos, no relatives after work enjoyi