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Wi-Fi Cards

A wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) card is a type of Local Area Network (LAN) card that can be used to access the Internet. Wi-Fi cards have built in wireless radios and antennas that can be used both indoors and outdoors using infrared waves for data transmission. Wi-Fi cards are also known as wireless Internet cards and come standard on many notebook computers. Many store and restaurant locations are beginning to offer free wireless Internet to customers.
Wi-Fi enabled devices can broadcast and receive network connections without the need of a physical network connection. Wireless communication offers various utilities. You might want to configure printers, speakers, or entertainment devices to be compatible with your wireless network. You may also want to play online radio, download songs, send e-mail, and transfer files. With Wi-Fi cards, you can access the Internet without wires, and you can enhance your productivity while you are mobile.

Wi-Fi cards provide economical networking options. Wi-Fi phones can also be used to call conventional phone lines through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers. Calling plans are cost effective and can save you substantial money every year. You can even find plans for unlimited international calling plans.
Wi-Fi cards eliminate the need for wires. You can work and access the Internet from almost anywhere provided that your location has Internet service. You can access broadband Internet, and you can even enroll in plans to access the Internet through your cell phone provider. Nowadays, you can even customize wireless networks to offer the same protection as wireless networks. It is very simple to set up a Wi-Fi connection and can even be done within an hour. You can even set up wireless access to network resources like printers or media centers.
How It Works
Wi-Fi cards come in several forms. There are Wi-Fi cards for laptop computers, desktop computers, and personal digital assistants. These days, many computers come with Wi-Fi cards preinstalled. Different types of Wi-Fi cards need to be installed for different devices. You can install a PCI card for a desktop computer and a PMCIA Wi-Fi card for a laptop.
When you connect your system to a wireless network connection, your computer sends the necessary data, files, or request to the Wi-Fi card. The Wi-Fi router or access point translates binary data into radio waves. These radio waves are broadcasted into the surrounding area. Wireless signals can generally travel a distance of 75 feet to 150 feet. If there are no obstacles, the signal can even travel up to a mile. Wi-Fi cards pick up radio waves using tiny antennas. The Wi-Fi card then converts the signal back to binary format in order to display the web page on your system.


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